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Welcome to SinsOfWanderlust


Thanks for visiting our little corner of the Internet. We are Bharat & Rupa, a Seattle-based couple that are completely mad about travel and exploring the world. Sins is our travel blog where we tell you all about our journeys and share photographs, videos and experiences  from all over the world. Our hope is to inspire you to visit places you may have never been to or help with a trip you are planning. The best part is that all the content here is from our personal experiences. To that end, we tell you about the hotels we stayed in, restaurants we dined at, and places where we got that amazing photo. This means you can "walk in our shoes" when you go visit these places.

Since the day we met, we have shared a crazy, enduring love of travel and adventure. In the years since, we have traveled all over the world, had amazing experiences, and met remarkable people in different walks of life. Armed with our cameras, smartphone, drone  and unlimited Internet access, we walk a path that is a bit different from the average tourist. Here, you will learn of places you may have never heard of or be transported to a place in your own home city that you did not know about. We are very lucky in that our jobs allow us to work from almost anywhere (with Internet access) and we are able to live for an extended time in major cities.We use these temporary homes as a base to go explore the region.

It would be remiss of us not to share the inspiration for the name of this site. It comes from Jonah Blank's excellent book 'Arrow of the Blue-Skinned God', which chronicles the Indian epic Ramayana and Blank's travels through India. Of a love lost to wanderlust, he says "
While sins of lust are sometimes forgiven, sins of wanderlust are beyond all redemption".

We could not have said it any better.

About Rupa

Growing up in Mumbai, I have always been an outdoorsy person who loves hiking, camping, and exploring. Reading all those mystery books from far away lands didn't help either as it added to my wanderlust, much to the annoyance of my parents. I couldn't stay put and had to get out of the city often and to different places.

I had just taken up photography when I met Bharat. I couldn't believe the common grounds which we shared and our child-like excitement & glee for life. Our love for adventure and exploring makes us take random paths that take us to some amazing places that leave us speechless. I have met some of the nicest, loving people from all walks of life, some for a brief moment while others are friends for life. But each one leaves a mark on us. I believe its true when they say travelling changes something inside you. Its a dream and we are living it, joyfully enjoying every single moment.

About Bharat

Travel has been in my blood since I was a kid growing up in India, looking up at the night sky an dreaming of faraway lands I only read about in books and comics. After moving to the US at age 10 and going through school and university, I landed a dream job at an large software company in the early days of the Internet. Being a network engineer was a boon that led to assignments and years-long stays in cities across the world such as Tokyo, London, Singapore, and Hyderabad. This further fueled my love of travel and wanderlust which practically guaranteed I would be a (very happy) lifelong bachelor. Then the stars aligned in a way that only happens every hundred years and my path joined Rupa's on 11/11/11. The rest, as they say, is history. I now work for an amazing cloud company that has a global presence and allows us to work from almost anywhere in the world.

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