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Our Equipment

We use many items that make our travels easier and enable us to capture all the beautiful things we publish. We often get questions like  'what camera did you use' or 'how do you get colors to pop like that'. All the items below are ones we use and can personally vouch for. As per our philanthropy outlook, we donate all that we make from the sponsored links to charity. If you have any questions, please email us.

After 25 years, it was finally time for Bharat to move to full-frame and mirrorless and all of it's benefits. After months of research and trying out different cameras, the Sony was the one that was at the top. In recent years, Sony has really pushed the boundaries of what to expect from a DSLR replacement and at very attractive price points. Image quality is stunning and the 42 Mp images allow for very large printing with no loss of fidelity.

Rupa has always been a Pentax fan but the lack of upgrades to the K70 made her switch to Sony. Given she prefers lighter camera, she chose the α6500 which is highly rated in both photography and 4k video. While it has an APS-C sensor, performance and image quality is outstanding. The new auto-focus system features a wide-coverage, 425-point phase detection system that is fast and accurate. In-camera stabilization is provided via a robust 5-axis SteadyShot system.


The S22 Ultra is the ultimate phone made by Samsung... a perfect combinaton of the Note series and the Ultra line. Featuring 5 cameras including a new, high-resolution ultra-wide stunner, this phone makes for a viable DSLR replacement in many situations. 3x/10x optical zoom and 4K video at 60fps is spot on and all this is a slim package. Almost all of the photos on this site are from our phones.

DJI Mavic Air 2S

Air 2S.jpeg

DJI has continued to significanlty improve and refine their drones. The Air 2s is the ultimate combination of portability, functionality and fly time. Featuring a 1-inch CMOS sensor, it provides exceptional exposure sensitivity, dynamic range and low-light performance. With 5.4k resolution, the videos capture an amazing amount of detail which really shines on large-screen TVs.

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