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Travel Resources

Travel in the age of the Internet is nothing short of amazing. The amount of information and resources that are a click away, anywhere in the world, is staggering. Over many trips and countless hours of planning, the below are the sites we use the most in our travels.

Living in somebody's home as a local person... nothing is more alluring for us. We use this in almost any city where we stay for more an 1-2 days. We have had the fortune of staying in some amazing houses and getting tips from our hosts.

When we are not using AirBnB, Expedia is our site for booking hotels. It's also great for flights as you get many options based on flight times, stops, airlines, etc. The mobile app is also very useful in providing check in/out reminders and hotel information. 

The best site for research on cities, hotels, guides, and almost anything having to do with travel. The Forum can provide invaluable information on guides and  experiences people have had. We have found the best travel companies through here.

Great travel blogs and articles on specific destinations. Very easy site if you want to start a travel blog but don't want to build an entire website. Some travel planning tools also available.

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