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Dates: Sep 2007, Oct 2015


Route: Flight from London in 2007 and driving from Budapest in 2015.


Zagreb is the capital of Croatia and is often overlooked for a good reason; it is a rather unremarkable, sleepy eastern European city. It is also called the city of museums and has more of them per square foot than any other in the world. While having some charm of old Europe, there is really no single reason to go there. Croatia is all about the Adriatic coast and Zagreb just cannot compete.


The city is divided into three sections with the Gornji grad (Upper Town) being the best as it contains the Presidential Palace, the St Mark’s church, and many museums and galleries. This is a great place to photograph at night as the cobbled streets are lit with gas lamps. The Donji grad (Lower Town) contains many shops, restaurants, cafes, and parks and is lively at night. Finally, Novi Zagreb (new Zagreb) is full of modern, high-rise buildings and nothing really for tourists.

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