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Svolvær & Henningsvær

Date: September 2019

Route: Flew from Bodø to Svolvær

After seeing a picture on Instagram, we had fallen in love with the Lofoten Islands a few years back and was high on our list of places to see. Located far above the Arctic Circle and lying like shattered rocks across the turbulent Norwegian Sea, these islands offer visitors the ultimate combination of majestic mountains, deep fjords and surf-swept beaches. Combined with the small, colorful villages nestled among the rocks, this was truly a destination of stunning beauty and promise. We could hardly contain our excitement as we boarded the small propeller plane in Bodø for the short, 30-minute hop to Svolvær. The dark clouds that had been lashing the airport with sheets of rain began to clear as our plane taxied for takeoff. As the wheels left the ground, the sun broke through the clouds and offered us a magical view of the many small islands below. We knew this was going to be an amazing holiday.


We landed in Svolvær around 5pm and collected our car and headed off to our hotel. We checked into the modern and cozy Scandic Svolvær and quickly changed and walked into town for dinner. The town is very modern and a short walk away was a nice pizza place with vegan options. After dinner, we walked around the town centre and harbour before going back to sleep. We woke up to a bright sun and had a lovely breakfast on the water. We went for a walk to see the town by daylight. The harbor has some beautiful wooden boats which reflect the amount of work and skill needed to build one. I flew the drone for a few videos and as was walking back to the hotel, was stopped by two cops who asked if I was the pilot. They said it was illegal to fly in town due to proximity from the airport but I showed them on the app where the red zone ended before the hotel area. We talked about drones life in Norway and India (they were fascinated I was Indian) and they let me go with a smile and a mild warning.


We drove first to the stunning village of Henningsvær whose claim to fame was a football pitch that is literally in the middle of the ocean. The drive itself is stunning and we stopped several times along the way to take pictures. We arrived into the small center of the village that has quaint shops and small restaurants. After having a nice cup of coffee and a scone in a cozy coffee shop, we set off to explore the town. There is a beautiful harbor with colorful boats that is seen from a bridge that connects to the other island that makes up the town. The sun was shining brightly, and we got several amazing phots. We then climbed to the top of a small hill and arrived at one of the most photographed places in the islands which is the Henningsvaer Stadium. The view from the back side is postcard Norway and on the front is the infinite sea dotted with small, rocky islands. It’s a place that truly takes your breath away and you can experience it on our Norway video as well. We came back here one more time before we left the Lofoten Islands.

From Henningsvær to Reine

This drive is filled with stunning landscapes and scenery that the normally 2 hour drive took us 5. From sea to mountains, the route showcase the best of what the Lofoten Islands have to offer. Make sure all your batteries are charged as you will take many pictures and videos along this drive. The drive is like a play titled ‘Mountains meet Sea” where each scene is spectacular in its own unique way. You will see lush valleys dotted with the signature-red Norwegian farmhouses that stretch to the sea in the distance. Farms dotted with sheep or cows grazing peacefully line both sides of the road. As you get farther south, the soaring, rugged peaks make their appearance and the fact people have build houses on them is a testament to the perseverance of man. We literally stopped every few miles as the landscape and scenery changed so much in a noticeably short time.

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