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Date: September 2019

Route: Flew from Amsterdam

Big cities are not our thing and we only spent a single day in Oslo. All our research indicated that it is just another beautiful Scandinavian capital city and that was not far off. We spent the last day of our holiday here and it turned out to be a lovely, late fall sunny day. We parked near the waterfront and walked through the main shopping district of Oslo. This is much like any city with the usual shops like Zara. We walked up a long hill and ended up at The Royal Palace (Det Kongelige Slot) which has some nice gardens to walk around. Next, we set off to see the Akershus Fortress and stopped for some sandwiches and coffee along the way. Oslo on a Sun has a very lazy feel to it and all the waterfront bars and restaurants were packed. We did not go into the Fortress and instead kept walking to the Opera House which is a striking modern contrast to all around it. We spent another hour walking around and soaking in the sunshine before we drove back to our hotel near the airport.

We took a small detour as saw some beautiful farmland along the highway. Once off the highway, we drove on some rural roads and got a glimpse of rural farm country. Given the time of year, most of the fields had been ploughed and harvested. But was able to get some stunning drone video and shots. This was the end of our amazing Norway holiday.

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