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Dates: October 2017

Route: Drove from Zurich.

Lucerne is one of the most quaint and beautiful cities in Switzerland. It oozes old-Europe charm and looks like something that Disney himself would have created. It seems to have everything you would want in a Swiss holiday; mountains, medieval streets, lake with swans, gardens and delicious food. They city also seems to love flowers and you will find them all over the place. The centerpiece of the city is the Chapel Bridge which is a wooden bridge built in the 14thcentury. Besides being crooked, it also contains paintings hanging from the roof depicting Swiss life and local history. In the middle of the bridge is the Wasserturm (Water Tower) which is an octagonal wooden structure and adds to the charm of the bridge. During peak season, the bridge and both streets on either side are jammed with tourists. There is a more plain, older version of this bridge farther down the river and is called the Spreuer Bridge. The river itself is interesting as it contains a few locks that regulate the water level of the river.

The architecture and artwork on the outside of buildings are two things that add to the uniqueness of Lucerne. The best example of architecture is the imposing Jesuit Church which was built in 1677 and is the first large Baroque church in Switzerland. It’s inside is richly decorated with many paintings and reliefs on the ceiling. Just across the river there are squares (Weinmarkt, Hirschenplatz, and Kornmarkt) that are filled with old buildings that have fresco paintings on the outside. There are many small, eclectic shops and restaurants here and provide a place for some lazy afternoon photography and people watching.

We would recommend you spend 2 days here and use the 2nd day to go explore the mountains nearby. Mount Pilatus is one such destination and offers postcards views.

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